Learning & Teaching

Arrowsmith Program

St Cecilia’s School provides the Arrowsmith Program to a limited number of currently enrolled students who meet the criteria of identified learning difficulties if a viable number of students and their families agree to participate.

The Arrowsmith Program is based on neuroscience research demonstrating that it is possible to address learning disabilities by identifying and strengthening weak cognitive capacities. Arrowsmith School, Toronto, Canada has used this program successfully since 1980.

The goal of the Arrowsmith Program is to help students strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning dysfunctions and to enable them to become effective, confident and self-directed learners for life.
The Arrowsmith Program deals with the causes of the learning disability rather than managing its symptoms. Students become effective learners without having to compensate for their learning disabilities. Their ability to perform complex tasks is improved when the weak cognitive areas are strengthened.

‘The Arrowsmith Program is a cognitive program which harnesses the principles of neuroplasticity through the application of targeted cognitive exercises to overcome specific learning difficulties. The premise of the Arrowsmith Program is that the weaker cognitive functions that contribute to learning difficulties can be strengthened through targeted cognitive exercises, resulting in increased mental capacities and strengthened learning abilities.’