Learning & Teaching

Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies is taught at St Cecilia’s in the classroom and integrated in all subject areas.

The lessons develop student’s knowledge and skills to use a range of multimedia devices and format. St Cecilia’s is a G (Google) Suite for Education School. This means that each of our students have their own individual managed Google account which allows them to access their work and key online resources at school and at home, via any internet connected device.

We have a one to one device program at St Cecilia’s where each of the students from year 1 to year 6 have their own allocated Chromebook for use at school.

The school also continue to invest in and develop our digital technology resourcing to keep up to date with the rapid developments in this area of the curriculum, particularly developing school hardware and teacher capabilities in the areas of coding, programming and computational thinking.

Here at St Cecilia’s we believe that Technology is a key part of our curriculum if our students are to become effective participants in today’s increasingly technological society.