Learning & Teaching

LOTE – French

At St. Cecilia’s, we teach French lessons to all students from Foundation to Year Six.

Why have we chosen to teach French?


1. A world language. 

French is one of the most widely used languages in the world. There are forty-nine countries throughout the world that either use French as their official, second or priority language. This represents one quarter of the world’s nations. An estimated 120 million students throughout the world study French, making it the most widely taught second language after English. French is widely taught in Asia and is the official language of many of Australia’s nearest Pacific neighbours, including New Caledonia, which is only two hours flying time from Sydney.


2. A fantastic learning pathway.

All 22 Secondary Schools that the majority of our St. Cecilia students move on to, teach French.


3. The long tradition of French being taught in

Victorian schools continues with many primary and secondary government and non government schools providing strong, innovative French programs, including some teaching a French-English bilingual program. French continues to be a popular study at Year 12 level, with approximately 1300 students studying the language annually.