Learning & Teaching


Maths at St Cecilia’s uses the Victorian Essential Learnings (VEL’s) to inform and guide its teaching. The main areas of the Mathematics curriculum include NUMBER, SPACE, MEASUREMENT , CHANCE AND DATA,  WORKING MATHEMATICALLY AND STRUCTURE.

Our classroom teachers follow the Catholic Education Offices SINE (Success in Numeracy Education) model. There is a focus on both whole class and group activities to cater for each student’s needs.

Each student is pre tested in February and post tested in November using SINE assessments in Number.This enables the staff to track each students progress. We also use the Westwood (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division) fact tests and the ACER PAT Maths tests throughout the year.

Each year our students in grades 3 to 6 are invited to take part in the Australian Maths Competition. This challenging competition enables our student’s to compete with student all over Australia.

St Cecilia’s has recently taken part in the Number Intervention Research Project with the Catholic Education Office. This gives students who are having difficulty with mathematics the opportunity to work one on one or in a small group to learn new skills and improve their mathematical thinking and understandings. This program focuses on counting, place value, structuring numbers 1 to 20 and addition and subtraction.

Each year we celebrate Literacy and Numeracy week with a whole school Maths Day. The teachers organise fun and informative Maths activities for the children to take part in throughout the day. There are competitions and prizes to get our student’s excited about Maths.