Learning & Teaching

Religious Education

At St Cecilia’s School our Catholic faith is central to our community life together and permeates the whole school curriculum.

We believe in the dignity of the human person and that we are all created in God’s image. We strive to foster the faith development of each person and all members of our community are encouraged to be living examples of Gospel values in their interactions with others.

Religious Education is a curriculum area in its own right, in which a structured program of learning leads the children to develop an understanding of our Catholic traditions, rituals, the Scriptures and sacraments. Wherever possible it is integrated with other curriculum areas and in particular with our Student Well-Being programs.

At St Cecilia’s, we believe that we have been called to carry forward the mission of Jesus Christ through service. Therefore we involve the students in social justice programs and encourage them to make personal responses to their faith and take action in the world.

During Religious Education lessons we employ a range of inquiry and contemporary learning strategies including ICT, song, prayer, liturgy, movement, drama and art to make learning meaningful and enjoyable for the students. We encourage the students to explore and express their wonderings about our Catholic faith.

Parents, as the first educators in faith, are provided with regular opportunities to be involved in the Religious Education program through liturgies, sacraments and other activities.