Our School

Parish Priest Welcome

Dear Parents,

Welcome to St Cecilia’s Parish Primary School. We are very glad to welcome you to our school and parish community. Our school strives to be inclusive and caring, and to embrace all its members. We have a very strong sense of community at St Cecilia’s. Parents, staff and students all work together closely, understanding that the formation of each young person is a collaborative effort. Families at St Cecilia’s are not only of great support to the school, but also come together to help each other in times of need.

Students are given a very strong foundation in the traditions, beliefs, stories and values of the Catholic Church. Faith formation is fostered in partnership with the parish through family, whole school and class liturgical celebrations, and the sacramental programs for First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.

St Cecilia’s School belongs within St Cecilia’s parish community. Especially while your children attend our school, we invite you and your family to join our parish community as often as you can for Sunday Mass. Above all, we invite you to join us for the great celebrations of Easter and Christmas. Getting a busy family to Sunday Mass does take some organising! Even so, it is very worthwhile making the effort when you can. Going to Mass together enriches family life.

At St Cecilia’s, faith is something that is alive and lived daily. The school and community make faith real for the students by challenging them to think about what we can do for others in tangible ways. The message of ‘living Christ’s love for others’ is expressed in the way that staff and students care for each other, through numerous outreach and social justice initiatives, and through daily prayer and meditation.

We want to prepare our students to be future leaders of their communities and of the Church. Our school strives to do this by providing our students with opportunities to grow in confidence and self-belief. All students are given leadership responsibilities throughout their time at St Cecilia’s. They are also instilled with a strong sense of social responsibility, and encouraged to stand up courageously for what is right and just.

We are confident that during their time in the St Cecilia’s community, you and your children will find a place rich in faith, life and education. It is a place where all aspects of each student’s development are nurtured. We hope that you will all come to feel very much at home.

Father Kevin McGovern

Priest Administrator