Our School

About St Cecilia’s

St Cecilia’s is a Catholic coeducational Parish Primary School, Prep to Year 6, with 250 students.

A friendly, welcoming atmosphere characterises the school in which all students are known personally and encouraged, challenged and supported in their learning by a caring and dedicated staff. We aim to highlight the relevance of faith in life and contemporary culture, and our personal commitment to Gospel values permeates our relationships and actions. Our Religious Education program seeks to integrate family and school life in a context of faith. We recognise individual learning styles and value the effort and contribution of each child.

We offer a well-balanced, comprehensive curriculum that retains a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. The school is the ideal size to cater for individual differences as well as providing a very attractive learning environment.

We have a broad range of extra-curricular programs in the arts, music, LOTE [Mandarin], gardening, camps and sport which add to the school’s program.

Student welfare and support programs ensure that the needs of students are addressed through the appropriate provision of services and through intervention and support programs that meet the needs of individual students.

Significant improvements have been made to the school buildings and teaching and learning environment. In recent years purpose built facilities have been added to the school and existing facilities updated and refurbished. A working party was established in 2007 to investigate a range of options to improve and update the existing school and parish facilities. Crosier Scott Architects were selected to prepare a comprehensive master plan for the whole parish site including the school, tennis club and parish facilities. The concept plans were completed in 2009.

We place a strong emphasis on values and encourage a positive approach to learning. We employ strategies to help students take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.

We are committed to educating students, academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually in order to help them make a positive contribution to society. We hope learners from St. Cecilia’s will be adaptable problem solvers and capable of dealing with the demands of their lives today and in the future.

Catholic Schools exist not to be different, but to make a difference. Our mission is to develop life-long learners, provide religious education and relevant, holistic and quality education to assist students in their search for meaning for life.