School Community

School Board

St Cecilia’s School is an integral part of the wider Parish Community.

Within the overall parish vision of faith education we see our task as dealing specifically with primary school aged children attending our school. We are committed to developing policies and programs and providing resources which best reflect the needs of our individual school community and will assist the children to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually to their fullest potential.

Above all we are committed to developing a strong sense of parish identity through total support of parish policies affecting the school and through involvement in parish activities.


  1. To act as a forum for discussion on all matters concerning education at St Cecilia’s School.
  2. To bring together in a spirit of co-operation, the principal, teachers and representatives of parents and other groups involved with education in the school.
  3. To act as an advisory body to school principal, who is the manager of the school, in all matters concerning education in the school.


  1. Assisting in the formulation of the school policy, in conjunction with the principal, school staff and parents.
  2. Assisting in the preparation of the school budget and the supervision of the school’s financial operation.
  3. Planning to ensure short & medium term future enrolments can be accommodated by the school.
  4. Working in collaboration with school parent auxiliaries
  5. Enabling individual parents to speak on educational matters through their representatives.
  6. Making annual educational reports to the community.

Current Membership

Parish Priest Fr Kevin McGovern
School Principal Marty McKenna
Teacher Representatives Karen Whiting
Parent & Parish Representatives Nicole Valcanas, Bernard Ronchi, Helen Dee & Peter Bourke