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Welcome to St Cecilia's Primary School

Glen Iris

Wurundjeri Country

At St Cecilia’s, our goal is to excel at everything we do as a school.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you and your family to St. Cecilia’s – a dynamic, coeducational Catholic Primary School from Prep to Year 6. If you have not yet visited our school, it would be a pleasure to show you around our beautiful campus in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

Thank you for visiting our school website.  It offers a window into the diversity of our school, providing information about our community, our many programs, existing structures, our excellent facilities and immaculate grounds.  Importantly, this site also presents a glimpse into daily school life – highlighting our wonderful students as they enjoy the many spiritual, academic, cultural and sporting opportunities that are available to them.

Our goal is to excel at everything we do as a school. This excellence extends to all aspects of learning and teaching across our campus, as well as our participation in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

We have so much to be thankful for in terms of those who have worked, learnt and grown in our school before us, and our school will always be indebted to their graciousness and commitment. The school moves forward with great confidence and an eagerness to discover what the future holds.

The first thing that people notice when they visit our school is the warmth and confidence of the students they meet as they walk around the campus. These students are inquisitive, interested and present. They are always keen to engage. Going to school is seen as an enticing possibility and exciting opportunity, with students regularly displaying their enjoyment of their time here at St. Cecilia’s.

We enjoy a strong reputation for the excellent pastoral care of our students. Our staff are wonderful role models who value the dignity and worth of each and every student and strive to create a positive learning environment in which the personal needs of all students are catered for. Students are encouraged to seek personal excellence and challenged to discover and develop their talents not only for themselves, but in the service of others.

St. Cecilia’s offers a wide range of quality educational opportunities that foster the development of each student.  The curriculum programs are current, utilise the latest technology and respond to emerging trends in education and the ever changing demands of our modern world.  

Our school acknowledges the important role of parents as the primary educators of their children. We value and seek to strengthen meaningful partnerships with parents in the education of their children. At St. Cecilia’s, we constantly seek to instil and enhance a strong sense of community, recognising that student success and happiness emerge as a result of the support they receive from their families and the education they receive from their school.

Please take the time to explore our website and learn more about the opportunities for students at St. Cecilia’s. Our staff are always available to answer any of your questions and we invite you to join us for a tour or to meet our staff during school time.

On behalf of the staff and students, I thank you once again for showing an interest in our school.  I trust that this website will provide you with a meaningful insight and greater understanding of our wonderful school.

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Marty McKenna



When we speak about our St. Cecilia school values, we speak of:


We live faith-filled lives and give thanks daily




We respect and embrace the community


We care and do what is right and just



We strive for and celebrate every success


Open Day Tours

You are welcome to join us for an Open Day school tour at St. Cecilia’s Glen Iris with the School Principal, Mr Marty McKenna. We would love to showcase our school and what we have to offer.


School Tour
St Cecilia's Logo - No text.png

Our Learning Highlights

St Cecilia’s offers a range of learning opportunities that fall outside the sphere of the normal curriculum. An extracurricular activity is designed to enhance the students’ social, academic, physical, creative or intellectual learning. Some examples of what is offered at St Cecilia’s are:


Social Justice Programs

Sacramental preparation

Mass participation 

Altar service

Classroom Masses

Special Liturgies

Daily prayer




Camps (Year 5/6)

Camp - Two nights (Year 4)

Overnight Camp (Year 3) 

Literacy Support

Numeracy Support

Gifted and Talented Program

Gardening Program


Chess Club

Peer Tutoring

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Student led Action Teams including the following:

  • Religious Education

  • Social Justice

  • Sustainability

  • Sports

  • Technology

  • Performing Arts

  • Visual Arts

  • French

  • Chicken Monitors

Student Representative Council (SRC) Prep - Year 6​

Public speaking programs for Years 5 & 6 students

Leadership Programs for Years 5 & 6 students




The Arts

Instrumental Lessons

Art Show

School Concert

Book week activities

Opportunities to showcase visual, musical and performance arts every year

Musical showcase assemblies

Junior Choir

Senior Choir

Christmas Carols Evenings

Art competition participation: local and national

Drama Club



Running Club


Cross Country


Interschool sport (Winter)

Representative Sport




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Buddy Program

Transition Program

Resilience Project

Anti-Bullying Initiatives 

Restorative Practices


Gardening & Cooking Program

Lunchtime Clubs



St Cecilia's Glen Iris

St Cecilia's Logo - No text.png
St Cecilia's Logo - No text.png

St Cecilia's Glen Iris


We encourage leadership at all levels, with our Student Representative Council an important part of school life where students can bring their ideas on making St Cecilia’s an even better place to be!

‘The role of the SRC is to be the voice of the students, find out what students think, help make the school a better place for everyone, and have an impact on decision-making in the school. 


Year 6 Leadership

Our aim is that our students will recognise that leadership is an ongoing learning process and one which is developed through attitude, education and experience. 

The rationale for this type of leadership includes:

  • Every student in Year 6 has the shared responsibility to lead the student population.

  • Every student in Year 6 has the right to develop his or her own leadership qualities.

  • Every student in Year 6 has the potential to develop leadership skills over time.

  • Every student in Year 6 has the right to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.

  • Every student in Year 6 will have the opportunity to engage in new challenges.

  • Leadership opportunities should be provided within a real life, challenging curriculum.

  • Leadership opportunities should provide for, and encourage, equal participation by boys and girls.

  • Leadership is based on service to others.

  • A range of styles of student leadership should be offered and experienced by every student in Year 6.

  • Leadership roles need to be perceived as valuable by the students and the school.

  • Leadership skills, knowledge, attitudes and values are encouraged and developed through a wide range of school programs and activities.


Public Speaking